Frequently Asked Questions.

Port Macquarie Acoustics is an Independent Hearing Clinic and is a member of Independent Audiology Australia.

Q – Are you an Independent hearing clinic?

Yes, we are and our clinic is a member of Independent Audiologists of Australia.

Q – Are your clinicians fully qualified?

Yes, both clinicians are approved under the Hearing Services Program to provide services and have also met the requirements to practice as outlined by Audiology Australia and the Australian College of Audiology.

Q – Do I need to spend thousand of dollars to get hearing aids?’

No, we will assess your needs and discuss with you what is available for your budget. There is always a solution.

Q – Do I need Bluetooth connectivity?

That would depend upon your lifestyle and your needs. We would again discuss this with you so you can make an informed choice.

Q – Do you see children?

Yes, we do children’s hearing assessments. We regularly receive GP referrals. We do not do Auditory Processing assessments.

Q – I am on the pension and I am eligible for hearing aids under the Hearing Services Program at no cost. What does that mean?

Under the hearing Services Program you can receive some hearing aids at no cost. These hearing aids have basic features. We have found that the majority of our pension clients can achieve good outcomes with fully subsidised devices. You can choose to be fitted with higher level device but this would involve an additional payment by you called Top Up.

Q – Do you have onsite parking?

Our office has easy access onsite parking adjacent to our front door and full wheel chair access including bathroom.

Q – What is an open fit hearing aid?

Hearing aid development has seen the development of very sophisticated noise management systems. This has seen the development of thinner tubes connecting the hearing aid to the ear with smaller soft fitting domes. Generally, for those with high tone hearing loss caused by noise exposure or aging, when the major issue is understanding in a group situation with competing noise, we try and direct clients to suitable small open fit behind the ear devices where for any price range superior noise cancelling can be achieved.