Hearing Aids

If your hearing assessment shows that you could benefit from hearing aids it is important to start with realistic expectations. Some things to consider;

  • A hearing aid does not restore normal hearing
  • You will need to adjust to the new sound of your hearing aid
  • This could take a few weeks or months
  • You will probably need to have adjustments made to the hearing aid settings as you adjust to them.
  • Not all styles of hearing aids may be suitable for your hearing loss

Hearing aids are available in the following styles

BTE – Behind The Ear

RIC – Receiver in the Canal (Also called RITE – Receiver In The Ear)

ITE – In The Ear

ITC – In The Canal

CIC – Completely In The Canal

Micro CIC – Very small hearing aids that fits deep into the canal

Hearing aids worn behind the ear can have different types of tubing attached depending upon the level of your hearing loss.

Discuss with the audiologist the appropriate style for you.

Hearing aids today have many different features which is why they are available at a range of prices. Some of these features are;

  • Noise management
  • Feedback management
  • Programs for different listening environments
  • Transient noise reduction
  • Speech processing
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tinnitus support

Currently we would recommend our preferred comprehensive Bernafon range of products. But as an independent clinic we can source all brands of hearing aids and we offer full support for products purchased from other providers. We also have demonstration models of most performance levels available for a no cost/no obligation trial for clients to enable them to hear the difference between 3 different performance levels.